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Disclaimer: This, of course, is my summary. I don’t claim to be a doctor, nor am I giving medical advice. I simply wish to tell my story as it happened to me so that others may learn, relate, and find their health once more. It is raw, true, and unbiased.


Before the Crash

I started a new job for working around radiation equipment. I was a regular coffee drinker and consumer of alcohol, all with moderation. As I went through training at a new job, I would have moments of mental brain fog. Strong waves of fogginess or haze would come and go. It was scary, but I did not think anything of it as I returned back to normal.

One night I went to sleep, and the next morning when I woke up, I knew something had happened. Like a light switch, I felt really weird. Almost like being on a pain medication after a large surgery. I could not think straight. It was frightening. I went on with my day and tried to clear up. The next day was the same. Coffee did not help. This was an issue.

I started doing research online for brain fog and other like terms. I soon found adrenal forums where others shared the same experience. Frantic brain fog and growing fear and anxiousness… To be honest, the forums did nothing but kill my hope and create more fear. Many complained that they have had brain fog for 60+ years. Some said it never goes away.

Others said it was MS, brain cancer, and ridiculous self-diagnosis claims that did nothing but hurt my state of mind. As I would learn later, stress is one of the worst things for Adrenal issues next to caffeine. With all of the fear and growing loss of mental control, I had my significant other take me to the ER.

“Quick Encouragement Break: If you are reading this, please relax and smile. I am 110% better than I was before I had Adrenal issues! There is not only hope that you will get better, there are proven solutions and ways to heal quicker. I am walking proof. I firmly believe the reason some folks are still suffering is due to lack of education. Smile, and keep reading. You will be happy!”.


Seeking Answers From Doctors of Every Kind

Work became more difficult, to say the least. Two weeks later, I finally got scheduled with a general practitioner who took basic blood tests, gave me a physical, and did a standard evaluation. He told me I was fine, nothing was wrong, and that my heart rate was a little low. I ended up doing more research on how your adrenals affect hormone production, specifically cortisol production which is responsible for almost everything that makes you “feel normal” in your body. Here is a short snippet from, “Because most bodily cells have cortisol receptors, it affects many different functions in the body. Cortisol can help control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, help reduce inflammation and assist with memory formulation. It has a controlling effect on salt and water balance and helps control blood pressure.”

It turns out, my GP was not cut out for this type of testing. I had to beg for a referral to an endocrinologist. Since this was now a “specialized” practice, I had to wait two more weeks for an appointment. In the interim, I scheduled an appointment with a neurologist, underwent an EEG, as well as an MRI; both tests came back normal. My neurologist said it was most likely bipolar disorder. I tried to reason with his diagnosis as I have literally been a normal person my entire life before this incident. It was not effective. As I quickly learned, western education teaches most of the doctors I saw to label an unknown problem with a guess-diagnosis, and throw medication at it. Knowing what I know now, this would have been putting a band-aid on a broken leg with the added bonus of feeling like a zombie. Please do research on naturopathic remedies and adrenal fatigue. Most doctors will not acknowledge this as a condition.

Fortunately, one of my doctors did… the endocrinologist. She was nice, caring, and respectful of my condition and the way I was feeling. She interpreted my fear and symptoms and had me take a short paper test. This test had me check boxes to communicate symptoms I was experiencing like bodily temperature fluctuations, disruptions in sleep, anxiety attacks, brain fog, confusion, situational depression, and more.

“Quick Encouragement Break: Regarding the endocrinologist test, I would recommend taking a test like this if you can relate to my story as it will serve as a health diary you will be able to look back at and smile as you realize the symptoms you once recorded have disappeared! I will cover this later in my story…”

She conducted a stress response test as well as a hormonal test. Oddly, my adrenals seemed to spurt out cortisol, although low-levels, within the range of a person without an adrenal disease. My hormone production was extremely low, as well as my libido and overall excitement to be awake. She asked me to come back in two weeks.


Naturopathic Doctor and Cortisol Response Testing

While waiting for in-between appointments, I went to church. This is not a pitch for going to church, but it did help me calm down, gain perspective, and feel less helpless. Praying helped as well. At church, I met a chiropractor who invited me to his office. I explained my issues and very bluntly communicated my fear that this would never get better. He educated me about adrenal fatigue. This was honestly the first time I had heard about adrenals. He sent me home with a cortisol response test which was fairly easy to do on my own. It was a saliva-based test that I did over one-day, then mailed in. This took 2 weeks to be returned.

When it came back, the chiropractor had me come in to review the results. My DHEA had dropped tremendously, and my cortisol was almost flatlined. My circadian rhythm was almost non-existent. I learned there are supposed to spike in cortisol, specifically, peaking in the morning, and then slowly going down throughout the day. This now explained my low hormonal levels, low libido, my brain fog, and all other concerns. My body was broken.

Since two weeks had passed, it was time to go back to the endocrinologist. I bought my tests in from the chiropractor and let her analyze them. To my surprise, she immediately agreed I had adrenal fatigue. If you get this news, I want you to know it is both good and bad news. It’s good because you do not yet have Addison’s diseases (adrenal failure). It was bad because western medicine does not warrant cortisol prescriptions for adrenal fatigue. Basically, I was too sick to feel normal, but not sick enough to get a “quick fix” prescription. My journey continues.

“Quick Encouragement Break: I wouldn’t be telling the whole story if I did not mention my state of mind. Throughout this entire journey, I was a very angry and irritable person. I (by the grace of God) had my significant other and family by my side through the whole journey. I don’t know how they put up with me, but they did. At risk of sounding like a hyper spiritual, Love will help you on this journey. I’m also hoping my story helps you shorten your journey. If I had read this when I was sick, it would have saved me 1,000+ hours of research, fear, doctor bills, and more. If I can help at least one person find the answer without going through the journey I did, this entire project is worth it! I am writing this for you.


Mental Clarity and Education

My naturopathic doctor proceeded to educate me on the toxins in the world, the importance of eating healthy foods, lifestyle changes, eliminating caffeine which seemed counterintuitive, and meditation and prayer. I was told, pending on the stage of adrenal fatigue I was in, that it could take 3,6,12, + months to heal. Although I was happy to hear I could heal from this, it was good news for me given the amount of patience I would have to have. To be honest, I tried these things and applied them daily, but I am a quick fix person. I have a life to live, right? I did research, and more research, and more research. I was obsessed. I became an expert in everything adrenal fatigue. I also became a hypochondriac and soon only focused on the way I felt. This was not healthy. I ended up learning more about smart drugs and nootropics. This would be my first discovery to getting better…

Disclaimer: this is my personal story and I am not providing medical advice or officially recommending you follow my advice. I am not advocating drug use of any kind.

Now that is clear, I went back to my neurologist. I asked for Modafinil as I was now not sleeping, nor was I awake. My sleep patterns were upside down, and my life felt the same. I learned that Modafinil is used to treat many types of bi polar disorder, sleep disorders, and more. The DOD held the patient and the drug was originally used for fighter pilots. I also learned that the drug was classified as a “neuron exciter” and “smart drug” used by wall street folks. He wrote me a prescription. I cut the pills in quarters to make them last longer. This was not a cheap drug. This was still the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a broken arm. This band-aid made me forget about the broken arm. I could live a normal life.

Now that I could think straight, I wanted to heal. Thinking straight and feeling awake was one of the biggest motivators for me to keep going strong and find a solution for this problem. What a relief it was to finally have clarity.

“Quick Encouragement Break: Did I mention this journey was 3 years long? It was. 3 years of hell, confusion, and doctors telling me “you are fine”. Your journey will not be a fraction mine since you can read my journey and skip a few years of research and self-discovery. Lucky you! The best part is yet to come…

I continued my journey and studies. I slowly learned about the importance of mineral absorption, how creating a vitamin rich environment for your body and getting plenty of sleep accelerates healing. I also learned that when I was feeling foggy, food helped. As I did more research on supplements to help adrenal issues, I learn about naturopathic remedies like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and more. I took these herbs but did not feel very different. I dug deeper. I eventually found a company called Quicksilver Scientific. They sold Quinton water, and liposomal delivery supplements that would allow my body to take in as much as humanly possible short of injecting it strains into my veins, and only with a simple squirt in my mouth. Quinton supported my adrenals with massive amounts of minerals I could not get in most foods, CBD and Gabs with L-theanine helped me sleep like a baby without 3 am panic interruptions, CBD also helped quickly curb my stress response (do research on liposomal CBD), I also learned that the supplements I was taking reduced inflammation and created balance in my body again.

Today I feel better than when I had adrenal issues. To be honest, I feel better now than before my adrenal issues. I feel like I was on a roller coaster that took me from okay health, too bad health, to better than where I was. I am not here to sell these products to you. I am here to tell you my raw story in hopes that it will help you on your journey.


Final Encouragement

Thank you for reading and above all else, keep your faith and hope! I cannot legally say you WILL get better (but I want to). You’ve got this. Read this story as many times as you need to so you believe it. Stop focusing on the way you feel, and fill your mind with knowledge, your body with vitamins and minerals, and your heart with hope. You can do this. You will come out of this stronger than you have ever been in your life, and perhaps use your story to help others.

Be strong. You are not alone.

Jennifer Ferriss

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