Original Quinton Isotonic 30 Amps


Supplement Benefits:

  • Cell Renewal 
  • Mineralization 
  • Mental Clarity 
  • Digestion 
  • Adrenals 

Quinton Isotonic® 30 Amps solution brings the healing power of water harvested from plankton-rich seabeds into a form that your body can readily absorb. Ionic minerals naturally present in the water help your body replenish its cellular health using the 78 naturally occurring essential minerals and trace elements.


Containing up to 78 vital trace elements and minerals found naturally in marine-rich waters, Quinton Isotonic Solution helps provide the nutrients your body relies on for healthy cell growth and metabolic function. Aiding with detox, energy, and cognitive function, this 30 Amp package contains 30 drinkable doses.

The naturally-sterile nutrients in Quinton Isotonic are combined with spring water to achieve a neutral pH, promote easier absorption into the body, and preserve its healing qualities. The .9% bioavailable nutrients provided by Quinton Isotonic can help improve energy, focus, and cellular health.

Additional information

Weight .6250 lbs