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You have found yourself in stage one. Quick recovery handled the right way is possible!
NOTE: We recommend taking an adrenal stress panel to take the “guessing” out of your adrenal concerns.
Common symptoms of stage 1 adrenal fatigue include:
  • Drop in Libido
  • Wired but tired
  • Overexertion
  • Developing caffeine dependence
  • Evening crash
  • Minor sleep irregularities
  • Tired, Fatigued, Worn out, stressful lifestyle
In this package, you will find the following supplements that can help bring your adrenals back to optimal function. Here is a short description of the value and role each of these supplements plays in healing your adrenals:
  • Liposomal Colorado Hemp Oil helps the body slow its stress response, reduces inflammation, and helps creates an overall balance.
    When hemp oil is taken with Gaba before bed, it helps the body completely relax, and improve the quality of sleep, as well as the feeling of wakefulness the next morning.
  • Nano mojo has key adaptogenic that are key in supporting the adrenal function; this also plays a big role in slowing the bodies stress response.
  • Our liposomal Ultra Vitamin ensures maximum vitamin uptake to keep your body, immune system, and energy levels running at peak performance.
  • Quinton provides the body large amounts of rare minerals that support healthy adrenal function, as well as encourages hair and skin health.
  • Our D3/K2 blend is a match made in heaven. The body responds and absorbs vitamin D best when paired with vitamin K. This will help with daily drops in energy levels and immune function.
This is the ultimate adrenal fatigue stage 1 repair package.

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