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Our methyl B complex can help by Improving your mood. Our complex plays a critical role in the formation of neurotransmitters, serotonin, and more. Research has found links between B vitamin deficiencies and mood disorders. Vitamin B12 is also an excellent energy booster. In fact, vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause symptoms ranging from fatigue to exhaustion.

The One is a complex blend of energy promoting, heart-healthy supplements to help maintain natural energy levels and heart health.

Our liposomal Ultra Vitamin ensures maximum vitamin uptake to keep your body, immune system, and energy levels running at peak performance.

Adrenals store large amounts of Vitamin C. Our Liposomal Vitamin C is designed to feed your adrenals, support your bodies immune system for an optimal healing environment. With a strong immune system comes more natural energy.

Nano Mojo has key adaptogenic that are key in supporting the adrenal function; this also plays a big role in slowing the bodies stress response.

Liposomal Gaba: When your brain gets stuck in the “on” or “stressed out” mode (possibly low in GABA), it can leave you overwhelmed and anxious. It can make it almost impossible to relax. When brain chemicals are in balance, most people typically feel more motivated, productive, energetic, and simultaneously relaxed. GABA, classified as a neuroinhibitory transmitter is responsible for what your brain uses to wind itself down. This can help create and maintain a healthier lifestyle with less stress.

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